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Culture in Andalucía

culturaThe Spanish cultural and historical heritage is the third in the world, surpassed only by Italy and China in the number of sites declared World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Andalusia ranks second highest number of historical elements protected by Unesco in Spain, which is an attraction for millions of visitors and tourists each year, eager to know the rich Spanish heritage.

Three of the most famous and iconic World Heritage cities are in Andalusia.

Granada, one of the most beautiful with the Alhambra and icon of culture in Andalusia, is one of the most visited and photographed monuments in the world. A city in which the mixture of characteristic cultures of Andalusia throughout its history is reflected.

Seville has the largest Gothic cathedral in Europe, “La Giralda”, the “Torre del Oro” and Plaza of Spain, making it one of the most beautiful cities in the world. In addition, each year hosts the two most representative cultural festivals in the region: the April Fair and Easter Week.

Malaga “La Bella”, the jewel of Andalusia closest to Hotel El Pozo. Just 20 minutes from the hotel, you can access it by train, bus, taxi or car. The city centre is a place full of life, with the bussy Calle Larios, Picasso and Thyssen museums, the Cathedral, the Roman Theatre, the Palace of the Citadel and a large number of theaters, cinemas, bars and restaurants, always worthy of a visit. Do not miss the splendid renovated port area of Pier One.